Monday, February 02, 2009

Post Holiday Photo Edition

Here are some pictures which I completely forgot I took. This might have been due to the fact that travelling from Canada back to Japan was even more stressful than the last. I had to worry about getting to a strange hotel and getting my bags and everything. What I did was land in Narita, take the shuttle to Haneda(1 hour), find a locker to keep my non-essential luggage, take another train to Shinjuku(1 hour) and get to a hotel. I was worried about missing my "reservation" time which would mean I was charged on my credit card and would then have to book again. I landed at 3 and had to be there by 6..... I got to the hotel at 7:30 which had to have been some kind of record and it turned out that they didn`t have my reservation anyway. Sorta annoying. They wanted to know which website I had reserved on, which is not something I thought I had to remember. I know which HOTEL I had reserved since that seemed pertinent to me. I did not remember which travel site I had used. Anyway. Booking wasn`t a problem. It ended up being a decent capsule hotel in the heart of Shinjuku. If you don`t know what a capsule hotel is then click here. Note of interest. Those pictures are not from the hotel I stayed at but were the EXACT same capsules I slept in. Circa 1970. Still, for $40 not too shabby. The hot baths and facilities were still top notch. The one I stayed in in Sapporo was WAY more modern for the record.I didn`t take a ton of pics because I was in a huge rush to get there, and I ended up sleeping right after I bathed. I was going to go out again and picture the night-life I swear.... heh heh. Sleep won. Then in the morning, I was so sleepy so only snapped a few. Its pretty quiet at 6am.

I am a fan of train stations in Japan. So many wires!

Really early morning train commuters. I saw lots of young adults in groups just coming home after all-night karaoke sessions.... Ah, to be in Fukuoka again.

More of the train station jungle.

This was at around 7:15. I got to the airport 15 mintues after it opened and 4 hours before my flight. I had a bit of walking around time... I found a big blue cow statue, which I didnt understand. It might be like that moose thing that we have in Canada. This one had a bunch of constelations on it. I wanted to touch it but I couldn`t. There was a metal tube around it and an invisible electric field which I found the hard way.
I almost stopped here for breakfast. Anyone who knows me know I love a hardy pimento-loaf breakfast spread. Actually I ended up just getting some delicious 7/11 riceballs! They are seriously the only food I need when I travel. Tuna, rice, seaweed. Nuff said. Plus I am addicted to the smell of early morning convenience stores in Japan. Anyone who has been here will agree I think.
And finally, here is the long-awaited(mostly this is an imagined long-awaited status that only exists in my mind) list of strange Japan-only special Edition! And I am going to do the cast rundown like its a highschool volleyball yearbook photo.
Front row, Left to right: Limited Time Bacon Sour Creme, Limited Time European Selection Italian Pizza, Stimulatingly DELICIOUS(I shit you not) EXTREME Mushroom.
Back row, Left to right: Limited Time Honey Roast Chicken, Summer Selection Keema Curry, Autumn Selection Smoky Salami.
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. The advertisers really know how to sell a chip here.
This is just a picture of my dinner. Tonkatsu and steamed rice. Don`t get much better than this. Probably my best homemade tonkatsu yet. I just wish I had some pickles to go with it.... *le sigh*


Blogger stereoheads said...

Man I still dream of Sapporo's capsule hotel, especially the sento. It was pretty awesome.

Umeboshi onigiri is the best dawg!

You're kicking my ass with the Japanese cooking. Send me some more recipes- you're killing me especially with that tonkatsu. God DAYUM

10:19 p.m.  

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