Thursday, June 29, 2006

No one likes suspense... maybe some bridges.

Well, they left it to pretty much the final days, but we did, after all this recieve our acceptances to attend Seinan Gakuin for the 2006/2007 year. I was nearing the end of my "waiting for accptance" rope, so this couldn't have come at a better time. I am happy it came and will eagerly begin my planning and preparation. I want to get my flight worked out as soon as possible, and since it is going to be a little complicated, I will have to time it perfectly with my fellow exchangees. It also looks like we are going to be doing our own visa's so I will be taking a trip to Toronto soon. Now I can concentrate on work and school. I would say that for the past few weeks, there were some traces of doubt.... not a lot, but they were there. Now I don't have to worry...except for money. I still have to worry about money... stupid money.

I think that's everything. I still hate work, and I am taking a night class now to get my missing 3 credits that McMaster is being a jerk about. I have my credits, but sadly, I am $400 less rich now. Everyone should come to the BBQ coming up. I don't know where or when it is... but come.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

sitting, waiting, wishing.

Ok, according to Joel, some girls who have applied to Leeds in England for an exchange have already recieved their acceptance letters, which means its only a matter of time before I get mine right? Wrong. Apparently last years candidates recieved theirs extra late because the International crew were at a conference in Toronto(because they care so much about our exchanges) I wish I had more control over how this whole thing played out. That goes for scholarships too, since it appears that both Joels and my applications to the 4 or 5 scholarships were lost. We know this because we did not recieve a yes/no email and everyone else did. oh well, I must continue to live completly in the dark, shaking my fists silently at the imbeciles running the international office and essentially, my life for the next 12 months.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Long Time No See

Meaghan is coming back in only 3 days. She ahs been living in Fukuoka, Japan since September attending Seinan Gakuin University on a fully-year exchange. OF course by full-year, they mean full school year, since it is technically only about 9 months that she has been there. It seems like its been so long since September though. I can barely remember the crappy classes I took, like Phonetics and Typology. God, but I can remember the crappy, wet weather I would always have to come to class in. Anyway, it has been a very long time since I have seen my sister, the longest time I have ever gone without seeing her, and I look forward to her return. I have been reading her blog and looking at her pictures, talking over MSN, talking on the phone on occasion, and writing letters to her, so I am up to date as to what has happened to her in moderate detail, but I know she will have way more to talk about when we finally see her in person. When I got back from Japan after two weeks, it was amazing how much I had to talk about, but she has to remenisce about 9 freakin months.

June is approaching, which means it is only a matter of time until I find out if I will be spending a good portion of next year in Fukuoka or not. We were told that we should get word sometime in June about our acceptance, so the only thing I can do is bug the ISS at school(in progress) and email Seinan Gakuin (also in progress). Then there are only a few things I need to do. Start studying Japanese again hardcore, and keep making money, anyway I can.... ANY way. I plan on focussing on my reading skills, both speed and kanji. I think this will pay off the most since I will need to read as soon as I arrive. I am going to leave my speaking until I arrive for the most part as that is the best way to practice. With Japanese people, who speak Japanese.

On a less optimistic note, I have come to terms that there is a chance I may not get in. I realize if this comes to be there is some good with the bad. I will have accumulated a large sum of savings with which I plan on investing if I don't get in(*knocks on wood*), I will get to go to Mac with Meaghan, and probably take classes with her, and I will get to spend more time with everyone I met this year at the university.

Oh, and I ended up getting an 11 in Japanese Civilizations!!! This mark, on top of the B I got changed to a B+ in Slang brings my GPA to a whopping 8.4 out of 12. This is the best year I have had now. I only needed a 7.0 to be eligible for the exchange and the $1000 travel bursary so I am good to go. If it weren't for linguistics, I'd have a really high average though. I may even get some scholarships next year. I just wish there were awards for getting really good in my Japanese major classes. Sigh

I gotta start cleaning Meaghan's room.