Monday, October 27, 2008

Lost is in my head

I am at the part of Lost where Jack and others have been captured and we find out that "the others" are just being dick bags because the leader needs spinal surgery..... I don`t know if it is just another twist but it seems to me that all this hostility could have been avoided if "the Others" just asked for help from the start instead of trying the ol` kidnap and terrify as many people as possible approach, Or the KTMPPA as they say in the industry. Anyway. Its just an observation anyway. I`m not telling strange island dwellers how to live their lives.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I hate women

I`m watching LOST finally, and its really good. Only two problems. The first is that Claire`s head has not been ripped from her body yet. Honestly. That has become my main wish for this show. I want that Aussie bitch to die already. I have never seen a character in a show whine or feel sorry for themself more. I don`t know if it is the writers fault or just how she decided to play the character, but GODDAMN. That couldn`t have been intentional. She just doesnt shut up! And its not just complaining, its HYSTERICAL complaining complete with irrational screaming and over-acting. My second problem is Shannon. I know her character is supposed to be spoiled, but again.... GODDAMN. WE GET IT... YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN YOU! Jesus. I have a feeling the writing staff is mostly men, because they seem to have written most of the women as blubbering vagina`s. And the ones that aren`t are somehow more aggressive and macho than all the men on the show who clearly spend at least 2 hours at the gym all day. Unless Sawyer just has a glass jaw, he shouldn`t get beat down by any 120 lb. woman.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Band Video

here is another video of band practice. I forget what songs are on it, but I think its different music this time!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I missed my Centennial!

Hey, last post was my 100th post! And I didn`t realize it until now. In celebration, here is a clip of my practicing with the band I recently joined. Please keep in mind that it was only our second practice and that my only singing experience is some part-time shower work and occasional drunk karaoke ;) I hope you enjoy it. I am trying to actually learn how to use a good video editing software, so hopefully I can evolve past the Windows Movie Maker set up I`m rolling with now.
An aside.... I am going to work on getting my cohorts some sheet music from the internets, since its really hard to sing in key when everyone else is in the wrong pitch.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Ok, so I am currently sharing internet with the JET next door. Apparently there is like a one month waiting list in my town for interent, so I am still waiting for my own. On the upside, we are using plain ASDL and it is still lightning fast. I am downloading entire movies in under 2 hours. I'm getting 270 kb/s down speed right now. On the other upside, when I eventually do get internet its going to be the new and improved fiber optic internet, which is going to be even faster. I am really looking forward to getting some torrents going. Oh, and I was told that its actually ok to download here, but uploading programs and music is what the Japanese government really frowns upon. So I am in the green as long as I dont decide to start uploading copyrighted shit.

P.S. - I am watching a lot of Mega64 podcasts recently. If you haven't seen this website before, check it out. If you are an old school NES fan or even just a lover of funny things, you will probably like this stuff.
P.P.S. Dan and Tyler, update your shit. I want more webcasts.

The ignorance in the woodpile

I had a very interesting night yesterday.... It is literally going to blow your mind. But before that, I want to show you my new computer chair!!! It was only $30 and its perfect for using my pc, which is on the stupid, low, Japanese table. And the back is like a ratchet and is adjustable to 15 levels, so I can lay flat, recline, or use it like a chair! So happy.

So the title of my blog leads into my story. Last year when we bought electronic dictionaries for studying in Japan, everyone was looking through them looking for funny phrases. One memorable line was for the word F**k. "Where the ~~ is the hammer?" I thought it was really funny, but you might now. Anyway, for the word nigger, they have this line....

How does this lead into my main story? I will tell I was talking to a gentleman last night, who holds a position pretty high in the Board of Education. He was telling me that all the JETs who have come to Mombetsu have been Canadian. Why? Because they request Canadians. Why? Mombetsu`s sister city is Porland, Oregon so it would make sense that they might want Americans, NOPE and I quote "In Canada, no Negroes." This was followed by about 10 seconds of silence and then a "Im sorry, what did you just say?" moment. I didn`t hear him wrong. Thats what he said. Anyway, I went on to explain that there is just as good a chance to get a black person that to get a white person. It was really hard to convice him of Canada`s multi-culturalism. Shocking stuff about the pure ignorance that exists in many parts of Japan. Poor Japan.