Monday, January 15, 2007

Pics that were long time comin'

I finally plugged in my memory card into my computer. Here are some really interesting pics from around the world... that is the town I live in. First, they have been a long time coming, but here are pictures of the horrible room which these people call a gym... *shiver*

Plus I took pictures of my new shoes. I am pretty sure they are the only pair being worn in the entire world. Yeah, and thats not even an over exageration. I don't know why shoes are so expensive in Canada, but name brands are really cheap here. I got these Adidas for $39 and I got a pair of Nike Shox for only $60. I am quite proud of my finds personally. I want to thank ABC mart, the Japanese equivalent of Payless shoes for giving me tacky shoes.

Heh heh heh, tacky.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So... guess its been a while eh? So many memories. Hey I'll pretend I haven't been neglecting this blog if you do to! So I went to Nagasaki! It was really great. I took some pictures, but you have to go to my other blog to see them. They're all there in the photo section. Trust me. I had a little illness epedimic during December so I really didnt feel like writing. I got a cold, and then got better, then got another cold, then got better for Christmas, then got the flu for a week and a half. I hate being exposed to an entire continent of new virus strains. Anyway life is better so I will probably write more. Go see my pictures.