Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today at work

Today at work, my coworker Robert did the funniest/worst thing. I can't remember what it was or why it happened, but I felt moved to the point of mentioning it in my blog. Seriously, it was the craziest/meanest thing that Robert had ever done. I just wish more people could have seen it, so they could grasp the sheer awsomeness/tragedy that occured.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Not much going one as of recent. My dad has begun to renovate the basement. It was actually renovated a few years ago, but it was mostly superficial stuff. This time, some serious work is getting done. Walls, ceiling, everything is coming out. I am pretty happy, since my parents are ordering a dumpster for the refuse, and I can finally get rid of a lot of clutter that the family has accumulated over the years. Hopefully, I can get rid of enough stuff that I can use my closet, which is full to the brim and unable to be used for its original purpose, that of holding clothes. I am trying to speed the process along, but there isnt really much I can do. My job today was to remove nails and staples from the old wood, so we could use it again.

I am also getting tired of these ho-hum weekends. Its sad that I actually look forward to getting back to work on Monday. I don't really like the job, but the people I work with make it worth while.

I went out with some coworkers the other night, and it was ok. I think I am going to try to control my drinking though. It was fine to get wasted in Japan, as I dont have any reason not to. I would get drunk, hang out in the bar for a few hours, and then drunkenly walk the 5 minutes home with people and hang out some more. But it just feels wierd to do it here. Plus, I really hate how I feel the next morning. I think my liver is getting weaker. I never used to feel it the next day. Thats about it. At least I wrote something.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Japan Closure

Hey y'all. I found the mini-sd card from my good phone from Japan! I took some amazing photos on this baby and now I am going to show them to you as a way to bring closure to my experiences in Japan.
You know what I miss the most about Japan. A package of ten cherries for $13

Its my room. I had so many memories in here. Mostly of the sleeping variety, but you can use your imagination as to what else went on.... ALL NIGHT LONG. OH YEAH.... im a loser.

Giant sandwiches kept all the boys and me sane while in Japan amongst a sea of rice, fish, and Mcdonalds

Who the hell is that good looking chap? Thank god I was able to snap this shot before he left the elevator. THERES MY ASWOME PHONE.... I miss you phoney.

A subway sign! The over use of giant needle drugs will result in swelling of your lower extremities!

A huge selection of collectible porno cards. Actually, most of these are filled with "tasteful" pictures of popular Adult Models. Fuck Yu-Gi-Oh! These rock!

Not feeling quite as ill as you would like? Why the fuck aren't you shopping here? If its in the name, it must be SHIT!

The last sunset I saw on Momochi beach!

Its my KITTY!!!!!!!!

I... What.... I don't even know if I can make this better with a clever comment.

One of many extremely feminine pictures that were taken of me when I was in Japan.

Need a cheap pet for your little one? Why not a common rodent? Its a chipmunk.

Is your food hole feeling a little empty? Head down to Food Holes and fill up!

Another subway warning. Loose translation, "Rocking your balls off on the train is rude."

Are you in Tokyo with $100 to blow. Why not a baby sized chinese dumpling! Gyouza for the whole family!

I hope you liked my pictures. Maybe soon, Ill stop being lazy and write about my life.