Wednesday, August 22, 2007

End of Summer Days

When I returned from Japan, I honestly did not think the days could go by any slower. The only thing I wanted was to start school. Now, I am having some twinges of regret for having these thoughts. I really don't want school to start. If school starts, it will just put more things on my plate which will stress me out. Right now, I am stressed. For the most part, I think my problems are related to money. But recently, I have been in a funk that may go beyond that. I just can't help feeling blue and I hate it. I'm hoping that school will fix this, even though I can't possibly see how.
In the meantime. here is a picture of me looking terrified on a very wobbly suspension bridge in Oita ;)

Oh, one redeeming point of this week. I worked out the insurance, and registration problems with my motorcycle, so I can finally get back on it. I cleaned her up last weekend and made sure everything still worked, but sadly the last few days have been either shitty weather or work-filled. I am hopefull that I can ride very soon though. I might even fight the power (Mcmaster parking patrol) and part illegally at school, just so I can ride it a bit more.