Friday, June 29, 2007

This posts for Chris

So, I'm back in Canada. I got a job at my university making cardboard boxes. Its the most fun I've ever had. And as soon as I get enough money, I'm going straight back to Japan. Ha Ha, second-home sickness. I left behind a lot of great friends, but I have to live my life.... my canadian life.

Anyway. I have no real problem being back in Canada, except for the intense boredom I am feeling. I miss the closeness of a great beach, I miss the amazing shopping centres in Fukuoka city, I miss the Japanese people treating me like a celebrity. I need to get some more hobbies. OH, and why the hell can I not hold on to change in this country!!! When I was in Japan, I constantly had at least $15 in change on my person at all times. I haven't had more than 22cents in my pocket since I got back. Its not so bad, but its so annoying. Anyway Chris, I don't know when you are leaving or where you are posted, although, I assume its near Fukuoka. You should hook up with Big Mike. He's going to Saga. Anyway. If you're there for long enough, we can probably party when I go next year. Oh, and I'm going to visit Fukuoka soon. Let's go clubbing, find some whores, and have copious amounts of sex with them in public restrooms. Was this good enough? Answer my goddamn facebook question.