Monday, July 17, 2006

Dinner and a Show

Heather and I went to dinner last night with some friends from the university. Heather had made a bet with Nina over the world cup finals and had won, so she was treated to a meal. We went to a restaurant in Hamilton called Macroni's. Aside from the food taking forever to arrive, it wasa prett good Italian restarant. Although, from the food I assume that their clientele consists mostly of people who are not used to home cooked meals. Most of the ingredients in my meal seemed to have come forth from pre-packaged containers. My mom's cooking is still number one in my heart. The evening was fun, and going out to dinner with people was a nice change from the ordinary boredom that is my life. I saw Chris, my co-worker there, which was a strange feeling. It's the second time I have seen him outside of work, and both times were equally as eerie.

I am quickly approaching the end of my summer school course. You wouldn't think that 6 weeks is a short time, but for some reason, its flying by. We had 2 weeks of nothing, and now we have a test every other week until the end, making 3 tests in all. I got 75% on the first one, and I hope I can keep above that average. The class itself is pretty easy, its a film music course in which we mostly view movies and talk about the music and musical techniques. The only problems that present themselves are the multiple choice tests. The prof uses really tricky word-play and gives you a ton of choices which cover all, or none, or some of your answers. A lot of the "b and c" or "a and d" bullshit. I can't stand it. At least its almost over.

My mom bought me some luggage yesterday. Its a 4 piece, but I only plan on using 2 of the pieces. I have no desire to carry around 3 rolling suitcases and a duffle. I am going to bring the two larger ones and my camping backpack, which I used last time I went to Japan. It was able to hold 2 weeks of stuff, so It should be a perfect carry one item. Now I'm just waiting here watching the summer fall away. My flight leaves on the 25th of August at 10am and I arrive in Kansai airport in Osaka 15 hours later. How many more days? 39!