Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best phone bill ever

So I got my first phone bill for my new phone and I have never been happier to see a bill. I think this is the first time I have not felt ripped off by a phone bill in my entire life. I love AU. I just wanted to say that. If you ever come to Japan and need a phone contract, use AU. That`s what this post is for. Its a tribute to a great phone company, something that is accutely rare in today`s world. For those wondering, my phone bill was $31. The lowest phone bill I have recieved in the almost 4 years I have used cell phones.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Foodz

I have gotten so much free food recently! I did some babysitting gig on the weekend and came home with two strawberry cakes, 4 oranges, 2 juice boxes, 2 litres of curry and about 10 cups of rice. Yesterday, my friend Shunta brought me fresh octopus which up to an hour before hand had been swimming in the ocean! I just cooked it and it is soooo good. Nothing beats really fresh seafood. I am saddened that most people are put off by how most seafood looks or smells, since it tastes so different when its really fresh. Oh well. More for me!


I have been playing around with Adobe After Effects. One of the cool things is you can give anyone anywhere in any video a LIGHTSABER!!! Enjoy

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The little things

I just had a cup of instant coffee and tiny cake. I have never felt this content.

Cold Beans

Hey! Been a while since pictures graced this sleek, sexy blogspot, so here are some. Let us begin with some from my last JET sponsored trip to the big city SAPPORO! John and I stumbed onto the famous Ramen Alley in downtown Sapporo. The worst part was that we only found it after we had eaten HUGE bowls of noodles up the road. As we walked down the tiny, clausterphobic space which houses the dozens of shops we were yelled at by a Japanese lady who wanted business. She was just yelling "HEY.... HEY... HEY... HEY" for like 2 minutes while John and I were walking and looking at shop menus before I realized she was talking to us. :O
This is the view from my hotel room. The room was nice enough, although I thought it was pretty cheap that they were charging for ethernet connections by the minute. First time thats happened to me in a hotel. OH, and the beds were terrible. The sheets felt like they were made from recycled table cloths.

I went for a walk the other day and saw this car. Nothing special here but you would probably never see this in Canada. Unless we decide to let 8 years old girls start owning and driving cars.

I came to the realization halfway through my walk that taking normal pictures is for lame-os. I also just found the negative function on my digi-cam. Welcome to bizarro world.

Gas prices have fallen at least 50c in the last month. It was 156 last time I filled up.... and thats before the exchange. It was equalling about $2.10 /litre!!!

And finally, ending on a topic which comes up way, way, way too often. Japan is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to narcotics. Marijuana has become a recent issue since its appearing more in Universities and more recently, a very famous Russian sumo fighter was found to be possessing. Basically the Japanese Government is freaking out, thinking society is going down the shitter. Well, this is a grade 6 girl wearing the latest fashion. I also know a junior high school teacher who wears a track suit that has this design up and down the arm/leg pinstripes. And don`t get me started on shirts with rude English. Hold on and let me look up one I saw the other day.................................................... Ok, research complete. I wrote myself notes of what the shirts said, but they were on my shit old phone. Ok, one girls shirt said EAT ME across the front, and the other girls shirt said "CUM AGAIN SECRET SOCIETY" on the back.... I was going to take pics but my camera was broken (hence the new phone)