Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tokyo ho!

For some unknown reason, my blog has changed nationalities. I don't know if it got tired of being Canadian, but it is now officially Japanese. When you see my blog you see a lot of English right?
Well, I don't. All of my menus and editing options are in Japanese. Now, you might be thinking, "but marc, you are studying Japanese, it shouldn't be a problem." Well, it is. I don't know a bunch of the kanji that is showing and I don't feel like spending time deciphering it. I want a quick and easy blog, which I can spend 5 minutes on writing and posting. Now 20 minutes, trying to figure out a kanji, or what the hell the katakana is trying to say to me.

ANYHOOO. I am going to Tokyo, compliments of Seinan's Judo club, or as Bill referred to it as, the "travel club". I am really excited and we even get to fly in a plane!! I pretty much only have to pay for food. So from Saturday to Monday night, I will not be in Fukuoka. I will be getting my ass kicked in Tokyo. I brought back the faux-hawk in a feeble attempt to look tougher and shake my competition. The judo club told me that the enemy will be smaller and easier to fight than last time, so I'm happy, since smaller means I might be a ble to throw them.

In celebrity news, I just filled out a survey for a magazine in Fukuoka who want me to be in the next issue. I am going for a photo shoot on the 26th. I am going to try to insist that it be a nude shot. Anyway, here are some more pictures to tide you over. I'm gonna try to figure out how to post in Japanese.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The cat outside my room had 3 kittens. They are noisy but they are cute!!

They look like little lions :)